Puppy sniffing a white flower

Despite the many plants and flowers that are poisonous to our pets, there are many others that aren't. For those of you who have a curious fur baby and are also plant lovers you can still, with a little caution, create a beautiful and pet safe garden. We've compiled a list of pet friendly plants and flowers to get you started.

A - Z of non-toxic plants and flowers

Listed below are plants and flowers that are harmless to our cats and dogs if ingested. At worst, some can cause mild diarrhoea and vomiting if ingested in large enough quantities.

If you are bringing the outdoors indoors, don't forget to use a sturdy pot so as curious paws don't tip them over!


African DaisyThe dog friendly African daisy with its vibrant colours makes for a great addition to your garden.

African VioletComing in violet, blue, pink and white this low maintenance plant will brighten up any indoor space.

Air plantsExtremely low maintenance and not needing to grow in soil, air plants are safe for dogs and cats.

Areca palmGive any room in your home a tropical feel with this plant, also known as the butterfly palm. Safe for cats and dogs all it needs is a bright room to grow.


Bamboo palmNot a true bamboo, this is one type of palm that's safe for our pets.

BasilWhy not start your own herb garden? Coming in many varieties, basil is also safe for our pets.

Bird's nest fernEasily one of the best dog friendly plants, it's also a great indoor plant as it does well in low light conditions.

BromeliadsExotic with vibrant colours and unique, bromeliads will brighten up anyone's garden.


Cast iron plantExtremely hardy and low maintenance, it's a great choice for newbie gardeners or those who don't have a green thumb. It's also pet friendly.


White and purple orchidsOne of the most stunning plants, the orchid is also dog friendly.


Parlour palmSafe for dogs, the parlour palm will bring a tropical feel to your backyard. It's also great as an indoor plant for its air-purifying properties.

Ponytail palmWho can resist touching the long leaves of the ponytail palm - certainly not any self-respecting cat! These non-toxic plants make a great addition to any bright room.

Prayer plantIf you're looking for an indoor plant to help purify the air, you can't go past the prayer plant with its oval leaves and unique pattern.


RosemaryAdd to your herb garden with some rosemary. This pet friendly plant enjoys a sunny patch in the garden.


Spider plantAs well as being safe for both cats and dogs, the spider plant also has the ability to remove toxic gases like formaldehyde, xylene and toluene from the air.


Zebra cactus plantDo you love succulents? You can't go past the zebra cactus plant with its unique zebra-like stripe pattern. It's also dog friendly.



If you suspect your pet has eaten something they shouldn't, contact your local vet immediately or your closest Animal Emergency Service hospital.

For information about what is toxic to pets, visit our Pets and Poisons Guide